Monday, November 19, 2007

The requisite introductory post.

We thought we'd start off our blog with a post describing what it'll be about and who we are.

As you may've noticed our subtitle is "frugal bon vivant lifestyle." The "frugal" part means simple living in all its forms: choosing to reduce or eliminate expenditures of money and time that aren't fulfilling, and leaving room for expenditures that are. The "bon vivant lifestyle" part indicates that we try to live up the finer things: good food, spirits, time with friends, and travel.

We, the authors, are a young couple living in Orange County, California. Living in Orange County presents some challenges to living a frugal bon vivant lifestyle: it's a sprawling suburb with a very high cost of living. The general culture here is pretty image-focused and materialistic, and the area doesn't have many of the funky-college-town mainstays that would help us out. We're trying to make the best of it; to find the hidden gems and to work the system. We hope that our findings will be useful to other locals, and more broadly appeal to anyone who finds themselves in a place that's too expensive and too boring.


NCN said...

Welcome to the blogging community and thanks for the link!

*sad robot* said...

I'm so excited about your blog! I've already added it to my bloglines feeds. Good luck! - j.